Title: Navigating Dulwich College 11+ Entrance Exam Roadmap to Success

by Richard Davis on Jun 14, 2023

Title: Navigating Dulwich College 11+ Entrance Exam Roadmap to Success


As a prestigious institution in London, Dulwich College is renowned for offering a well-rounded and academically challenging education. With Dulwich College admissions known for being highly competitive, particularly for the coveted 11+ Entry, it is crucial for parents and prospective students to have a thorough understanding of the rigorous process. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into various aspects of the Dulwich College 11+ entrance exam, the importance of Dulwich College entrance exam past papers, the admissions process, and offer tips and resources to help your child prepare for success.


Dulwich College Admissions Overview:

The Dulwich College admissions process begins with the registration deadline in late October (Year 6), followed by the entrance exam in December. As part of the Dulwich College assessment, the 11+ entrance exam comprises bespoke online tests for Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, and a Creative Writing paper. Notably, the comprehension test has recently changed from written responses to multiple choice questions. The exams are designed to evaluate a wide range of skills, making the Dulwich College acceptance rate for 11+ entry quite competitive.

Successful candidates are then invited for interviews in January, where they have the opportunity to showcase their academic strengths, interests, and abilities. Final offers are made based on the candidates' exam and interview performance. It is essential for students to be well-prepared and familiar with all aspects of the exam, including practice tests and targeted skill development (such as comprehension and creative writing).


Admission Process Timeline:

  • Register by late October of Year 6
  • Sit the 11+ entrance exam in December
  • If successful, attend an interview in January
  • Receive an offer based on exam and interview performance


Dulwich College 11+ Comprehension Exam:

The 11+ comprehension exam at Dulwich College is designed to test students' reading and analytical skills within a literary context. To be successful in the competitive admissions process and boost the chances of overcoming the commonplace Dulwich College waiting list, it is vital for students to have a wide range of reading materials at their disposal, from novels to newspapers. 

For the new multiple-choice format, the following resources can provide the necessary practice:

For honing skills based on the previous written response format, consider the resources below. Although this format is no longer in use, it will give you a taste of the sort of skills Dulwich College seeks in potential candidates. 


Dulwich College 11+ Maths Exam:

Mathematics plays a significant role in the 11+ entrance exam and requires students to have a strong foundation in essential mathematical concepts such as arithmetic, problem-solving, geometry, algebra, and more. To help your child build their mathematical skills for the Dulwich College 11+ entrance exam past papers, consider the following resources:

  • 11+ Maths (Maths practice covering a broad range of topics in line with the Dulwich College Year 7 Entrance and Scholarship Examination Mathematics Answers)
  • 11+ Maths, Book 2 


Preparing for the Creative Writing Paper:

The Creative Writing paper at Dulwich College is an opportunity for students to showcase their imagination, creativity and writing skills. To excel in this section, students must learn how to express themselves effectively and imaginatively within a limited space. To help your child hone their creative writing skills and make a lasting impression, the following resources are recommended:

  • 11+ Creative Writing (Resource that concentrates on developing descriptive and imaginative techniques, in line with the specific requirements of the Dulwich College Year 7 Entrance Exams)
  • KS3 Creative Writing (A slightly more advanced book, for students looking to push themselves further).


Final Thoughts:

Preparation is the key to success in the Dulwich College 11+ entrance exam. By familiarising your child with the exam format, focusing on their areas of weakness, and building their confidence, they will be able to approach the exam with enthusiasm and determination. Remember, a well-rounded and structured approach to exam preparation, complemented by appropriate resources and ample practice, can make a world of difference in helping your child secure a place at this illustrious institution.