Demystifying the North London Collegiate School 11+ Exam: An Insider's Guide to Success

by Richard Davis on Jun 14, 2023

Demystifying the North London Collegiate School 11+ Exam: An Insider's Guide to Success

The prestigious North London Collegiate School, located in Edgware in the London Borough of Harrow, has garnered a reputation for excellence and academic rigor. This esteemed all-girls independent day school has consistently ranked among the highest-performing schools in the UK, producing well-rounded, accomplished young women with a diverse range of skills and talents[1]. For any parent considering the North London Collegiate School for their daughter, navigating the world of the 11+ examination process may seem daunting and complex, with endless Mumsnet discussions about the school and its admission process[2]. In this blog post, we aim to demystify the North London Collegiate School 11+ exam and to guide you through the admissions process, key dates, exam formats, and the best resources for preparing your child for success.


The North London Collegiate School 11+ Admissions Process

The school offers approximately 60 places for 11+ admissions each year. While the primary focus is on academic ability and potential, North London Collegiate School is also keen to admit students who display desirable qualities such as motivation, vigour, and a willingness to contribute positively to the school community[2]. In line with this, the school's bursaries and scholarships programs reflect its commitment to offering educational opportunities to students from various backgrounds[3]

The registration deadline for applications is in November of the year preceding entry, and a £150 or £200 registration fee is required, depending on the applicant's nationality[4]. Following the application stage, your daughter will be invited to take the formal entrance examinations in December, after which successful candidates will be invited for an interview in January. Offers are typically sent out in February, with a deadline for acceptance in early March.


North London Collegiate School 11+ Exam Format

The 11+ exam at North London Collegiate School consists of the following assessments:

1. English Paper (1 hour and 20 minutes): This test evaluates both comprehension and writing skills, including inference, spelling, vocabulary, and punctuation. High marks are awarded for imaginative, creative use of language, as well as effective organization, cohesion, and sentence structure.

2. Mathematics Paper (1 hour and 15 minutes): This exam measures your child's problem-solving and arithmetic skills, with questions covering algebra, shape, measures, and data handling.


Preparing for the North London Collegiate School 11+ Exam

The North London Collegiate School UK ranking, along with their stringent acceptance rate[5], highlights the competitive nature of the 11+ exam. To help your child succeed in the North London Collegiate School 11+ exam, we recommend using a combination of resources tailored to the specific demands of the examination. Our especially targeted products include:

1. Three sets of 11+ comprehension exam papers: Each set contains four papers modeled on North London Collegiate School's comprehension exams, complete with model answers and commentary on each response.


2. Two 11+ mathematics books: These resources are designed to optimize your child's arithmetic and problem-solving skills, providing invaluable practice for the maths portion of the exam.


3. Two creative writing books: One book is particularly aimed at 11+ students, while the other targets KS3 students but can also provide valuable assistance in honing your child's creative writing abilities.

11+ Creative Writing, Book Image

By using these resources in conjunction with a structured study schedule, your child can reduce stress, boost confidence, and ultimately increase her chances of success in the North London Collegiate School 11+ exam.


Navigating the School Life and Community

North London Collegiate School is not just about academic excellence but also offers enrichment and extra-curricular activities that foster the development of well-rounded individuals[6]. By striking a balance between the academic rigor and engaging in various activities, your daughter will be able to make the most of her school experience.

The school provides a well-integrated pastoral and wellbeing programme that supports students' academic and personal development. Teachers and staff collaborate closely with parents to ensure that girls effortlessly navigate the challenges of adolescence and mature into responsible and balanced young adults[7]. Opportunities for students to participate in initiatives such as Model United Nations and various clubs spanning arts, sports, and hobbies help foster intellectual curiosity, risk-taking, and teamwork skills[8].

It is essential for parents to not only understand the academic aspects of the North London Collegiate School but also the overall environment, culture, and life on campus. Researching topics like "North London Collegiate School holidays," "North London Collegiate School term dates", and "North London Collegiate School reviews" can offer invaluable insights into daily routines and the experiences of current students and parents[9]. In addition, attending open days and taster events provides an excellent opportunity for prospective families to explore the school and engage directly with key staff members and students[10].



Preparing for the North London Collegiate School 11+ exam can be an overwhelming experience for both students and their parents. However, with the right guidance, appropriate resources, and a focused approach to study, your child can excel in this important milestone on her educational journey. Utilize our tailored resources to empower your child and set her on the path to success at the prestigious North London Collegiate School.



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