Unveiling the Path to St Paul’s Girls’ School 11+ Success: Exam Insights and Preparation

by Richard Davis on Jun 14, 2023

Unveiling the Path to St Paul’s Girls’ School 11+ Success: Exam Insights and Preparation

St Paul’s Girls’ School (SPGS) is a distinguished independent day school for girls, nestled in the Brook Green area of Hammersmith, West London. Established in 1904, the school takes pride in its remarkable GCSE and A-Level results[1] and has produced countless notable professionals over the years. Garnering a strong reputation for educating and nurturing future leaders, St Paul's Girls' School has an acceptance rate that reflects its high standards and esteemed reputation.

One of the many aspects that set SPGS apart from other educational institutions is its diverse and prestigious curriculum, encompassing subjects such as Classics, computer science, economics, Modern Foreign Languages (MFL), and politics[2]. The school aims to inspire intellectual curiosity and motivate students to delve into various fields of study, fueling their passions and interests.

In addition to the rigorous academic program, St Paul’s Girls’ School offers a wealth of extracurricular activities through its impressive selection of clubs, societies, and sports[3]. With opportunities ranging from the Junior Feminist Society and Gardening Club to athletics, cricket, badminton, and swimming, students are encouraged to develop essential soft skills and foster a healthy sense of competition. These extracurricular pursuits not only complement the academic curriculum but also contribute to the holistic growth of each student, promoting balanced physical, mental, and intellectual development.

With St Paul's Girls' School being synonymous with educational excellence, it's vital to ensure your child is well-prepared for their 11+ admissions process. Achieving success in the SPGS 11+ exam requires thorough practice and preparation using resources that accurately target the specific exam requirements, such as St Paul's 11 past papers and St Paul's 11+ maths paper[4].


Exam Structure

The SPGS 11+ exam comprises two stages, with Stage 1 involving an online CEM Select test that assesses verbal, non-verbal, and numerical abilities[4]. This online assessment presents a series of short modules designed to evaluate various cognitive skills. To excel in this initial stage, your child must become familiar with the testing environment and the types of questions they can expect.

Stage 2 of the exam entails separate tests in Mathematics, English, and Comprehension, all of which demand strong foundational knowledge in their respective subjects [5]. We highly recommend tailored practice tests explicitly designed for the SPGS 11+ exam, covering essential knowledge and skills necessary for success in this selective entrance exam.


Recommended Resources 

For students preparing specifically for the SPGS 11+ comprehension exam, we offer three custom-designed products, each containing four papers meticulously modeled on the actual SPGS comprehension papers. These resources also include model answers and invaluable commentary on each response, providing your child with beneficial guidance and feedback.

In addition to comprehension practice resources, we recommend our 11+ creative writing book, which more than caters to the unique requirements of the SPGS exam. Packed with targeted exercises and expert guidance, this comprehensive book will equip your child with the essential skills they need to excel in creative writing tasks during the 11+ assessment process.

Furthermore, our tailored 11+ maths books have been crafted to align with St Paul's School London 11+ past papers, effectively preparing your child for the Mathematics test, which is an integral part of the SPGS 11+ exam[6]. These resources cover essential mathematical concepts and provide an in-depth understanding crucial for success in the entrance test.

Now that you're armed with insights into St Paul's Girls' School 11+ exam and the right resources to help your child tackle it, your child well on their way to unlocking their full potential. With dedicated practice using our specialized 11+ resources, your child is one step closer to securing a place at the prestigious St Paul's Girls' School.

Extra Considerations

Don't miss the opportunity to attend St Paul's Girls' School open day events[7], where you and your child can explore the facilities, meet staff and students, and get a genuine feel for the school environment. Keep updated on St Paul's Girls' School Ofsted reports and other relevant details to stay informed and confident throughout the admissions process.

With a comprehensive understanding of the SPGS 11+ exam and the appropriate resources at hand, your child is now poised for success in their admission process. Our specialized 11+ resources, including tailored practice tests, comprehension solutions, and our creative writing book, will provide your child with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the 11+ exam.

Note that it is equally important to remain informed about St Paul's Girls’ School fees[8], in addition to any potential scholarships and bursaries available, to help manage the financial aspects of your child's education at this distinguished institution.

Ultimately, embarking on the journey to secure a place at St Paul’s Girls’ School may seem challenging, but with the right guidance, resources, and unwavering dedication, your child will be well on their way to unlocking their full potential and thriving in this esteemed academic environment.


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