Richard Gray

Perfect for students looking to improve 11+ written comprehension!

"As a tutor who solely teaches 11+ creative writing, I am often asked about what is the best material for written comprehensions and I have yet to come across a stand out product that I can thoroughly recommend…until now!

I am incredibly impressed with the in-depth explanations provided. These practice papers are ideal for students seeking scholarships at top independent schools, as the mark scheme not only gives full model answers but also provides insightful commentary for what the examiner is really looking for. I strongly recommend these practice papers for anyone who is looking to significantly improve their 11+ written comprehension!"


 A great resource for able children preparing for the 11+ or scholarship

"Another excellent teaching resource from this accomplished publisher. As a tutor, I find it hard to find 11+ resources that stretch more able children. This book includes extremely stimulating texts from a range of sources not often included in other textbooks. It's extremely useful to have the exemplar material to show candidates what they are working towards and the discussion of these allows candidates to put themselves into the mindset of the examiner, and think about what the marker is looking for. Highly recommended."

Amy Rachel

Great practice papers

"These papers are like no other publication as they focus on really stretching and challenging students preparing for their 11 plus exams. The guidance given is useful in explaining how to get to the correct answers and the choice of extracts are very interesting - I would highly recommend this!"


Cracker of a book

"I have just loved each and every paper of the book, it has not only challenged my child to make applications of concepts like speed, and distance but also concepts of triangular numbers and bit on permutations too. I strongly recommend going through the papers in a timed format to get the judgment of the child's weaker areas to work. Very comprehensive and adept coverage of 11plus Maths syllabus for grammar school exams."

Carol Preece

A really comprehensive selection of 11+ questions

"The front cover of the book states : 'A broad range of questions which reflect the variety of 11 Plus exams'. This is a true reflection of the contents. As I was looking through the questions, I was thinking, 'Oh yes, I have seen a very similar question before (from a different source) - I wonder if there is a simple way to work out the answer ? Most books/papers give you the answers, but not how to solve the question correctly, in the most efficient way.

What makes this particular book special, is that at the end of every practice paper, there are detailed answers, guiding you through each process to be able to solve the questions successfully. This is amazingly useful, especially if you are not a maths specialist or maybe a parent, trying to guide your child through the undoubtedly tricky questions they will encounter in an 11+ maths exam.

In my opinion, this book is an invaluable addition to any bank of resources targeting 11+ or similarly challenging exams."

Donna Henry

A well-written guide

"This is a well-written guide that clearly explains the rationale behind each exemplar essay. The guide highlights skills needed to demonstrate clearly to an examiner: knowledge, understanding and application of that knowledge. Also, the guide stretches and challenges students to think about the numerous themes and authorial intent: very important aspects in analysing any literature texts.

I have recommended same to all my IGCSE Edexcel Tutees. I have also recommended this guide to my KS3 students who are studying of Mice and Men."

Alison Begley

Great for top students

"Wanted to give it a while so my son could try this out and do his exams, we've had it for a number of months! He's found it brilliant, really added to what he learnt in school. While we emphasis school work in our family English is the one topic I can't help with and I'm pleased to say he came first in his class with a grade 9. He said it helped a lot, made things clear so he knew how to answer the questions. I shall be buying every other book for him - we are so pleased with it."


An excellent study resource for GCSE English

"My daughter found this study guide extremely helpful. It provides clear and concise guidance on how to structure essay questions, showing students not only how to back up points and answers with evidence, but also how to maximise marks.

We also felt the thematic approach provides something of a blueprint for answering questions on other texts, and might help essay planning and writing in general. The wide ranging questions also gave her other points to consider on the text. Shakespeare can be tricky to tackle but this study guide is an invaluable tool."

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