11+ Comprehension, Dulwich College: Practice Papers & In-Depth Guided Answers: Volume 2

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Are you seeking the perfect exam preparation material for Dulwich College 11+ entrance exams?

This essential resource - the second in the series - includes four bespoke comprehension papers designed to mirror the school's unique exam style. Accompanied by model answers and thorough explanations, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the skills necessary to excel in these critical assessments.

Accolade Press equips students with the tools and strategies required to secure top marks in the competitive environment of Dulwich College 11+ exams. Accolade Press ensures students have every tool at their disposal to emulate these point-scoring techniques and tactics.

  • Four comprehension papers crafted to reflect the distinctive style of Dulwich College, ensuring thorough preparation for exams in 2023, 2024, and 2025.
  • A diverse range of extracts to ensure a range of skills are tested.
  • Comprehensive model answers provided for every question, frequently accompanied by alternative solutions to illustrate how students can achieve high marks through various approaches.
  • Detailed explanations accompany each model answer, not only clarifying how the responses fulfil examiners' expectations but also guiding students through complex concepts and vocabulary found in the answers.
  • Authored by a skilled tutor with an exceptional history of success in 11+ admissions.


Sample Extract:

Paper One

In this passage set in 1920s Manhattan, an ex-employee named Vince, who has been wronged by his former employer, plots revenge by setting fire to his former workplace, the Lullaby Pillow Shop.

* * *

The Lullaby Pillow Shop thrived on those young, vibrant East Village streets. Manhattan's heart beat stronger, and the city was like an electric charge. Full of energy, buzzing with movement — and nestled within it was a vendetta, festering and uncomfortable.

Vince peered into the warm, lively building from across the bustling street. His dark eyes followed the flickering candles on the window displays, as if staring into his own rage. A storm was brewing under that trench coat.

“How's it feelin’ to you, Vinnie? The bricks stand taller, don't they?” Sammy inched closer to Vince, studying his face.

Vince barely acknowledged Sammy's presence, but responded cautiously, “Sure, Sammy. But I ain't here to admire the architecture.”

Sammy glanced knowingly at the object Vince held within his coat-pocket. “Well, you gotta make it talk, Vinnie.”

A devilish smile crept onto Vince's lips. “Aye, she'll sing tonight, alright.”

The cold wind whistled down the street as Vince boldly approached the shop. Sammy and the night fell away into the abyss, and he stood alone at the entrance, surveying his territory like a panther in the jungle, panting breath against the frosted glass.

Gasping, he stalked into the dimly lit shop. Warmth enveloped him like a blanket, and the soothing lights whispered familiar names. Tables of feather and down pillows fit for heaven, and cotton and velvet cushions lined his path as he roamed, prowling and calculating. Each sway of the pendant lights overhead, every tick of the clock, the nightmarish glow of the shop's interior was intoxicating.

He approached the back, his boots making hollow, calculated thumps on the wooden floor. With movement as acrid and unforgiving as the thorns on a rose, he drew his weapon: the flame, indiscriminate in its hunger, relentless in its devouring.

"Aye, we'll make you the belle of the ball,” he murmured to the flame. “Gonna have a grand entrance, ain't ya !"

Feeling the weight of revenge pressing down on his shoulders, he released the fire from her cage, letting her lick and consume her first eager fibers. With ravenous appetite, she devoured, and soon grew into a force to be reckoned with. Destructive and consuming, Vince's anger and the fire became one grotesque entity.

Were those footsteps echoing in the distance? Vince turned, catching the sound of boots clicking on pavement. Just as he reached the doorway, a figure appeared, masked by the shadows.

“Thought you'd never see me again, did ya?” Vince snarled through clenched teeth, fists balled by his sides.

His opponent squared off, looking into the flames now dancing behind Vince, reflecting the chaos in his glare. “You were good, Vinnie. I don't deny that. But there was no place for you 'ere.”

Vince scoffed. “You made me, and you broke me. Now, revenge takes the stage.”

As the fire cracked its rising crescendo, the reds, oranges, and blues of the flames merged into a twisted palette of wrath. Through every word spoken, the pulse of the fire roared louder.

 “You pull this off," the figure said, staring stoically up at the flaming building, "you ain't escapin' for long.”

Vince snickered. “You come after me, and you'll get another taste of Vinnie's revenge.”

In the clamor of sirens and screams, Vince vanished into the consuming darkness, with the laughter of the arsonist fading into the howling wind.

Extract from Fires of Fury by Nathaniel Wainwright



1. The following is a comprehension question. As such, only short answers are required.

1a. In what Manhattan district is Lullaby Pillow Shop located? [1]

1b. What nickname does Vince's accomplice call him? [1]

1c. What is the name of Vince's accomplice? Circle the correct name below:[1]

  • Clint
  • Sammy
  • Tony

1d. What is Vince's weapon of choice? [1]

1e. Why do you think the writer uses an exclamation mark when Vince says, “Gonna have a grand entrance, ain't ya!"? [1]


2. This question tests your ability to discuss language. Your ability to discuss the meanings of individual words and to identify literary techniques (such as metaphors or similes) will be rewarded. Please analyse Vince's emotions in the following quotations:

2a. "Vince peered into the warm, lively building from across the bustling street. His dark eyes followed the flickering candles on the window displays, as if staring into his own rage." [3]

2b. "A storm was brewing under that trench coat." [3]

End of Sample

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