Stockport Grammar School: An Insight into the 11+ Admissions Process, Tips for Success, and School Fees

by Richard Davis on Jun 15, 2023

Stockport Grammar School: An Insight into the 11+ Admissions Process, Tips for Success, and School Fees
Preparing for the 11+ Entrance Exam at Stockport Grammar School

Stockport Grammar School, founded in 1487, is a prestigious co-educational independent school located in Stockport, just outside of Manchester. Over the years, it has built a strong reputation for academic excellence, sporting achievements, and a wide range of extracurricular activities[1]. Understandably, securing a place at this esteemed institution is highly competitive, with the 11+ entrance exam being a key determining factor in the admissions process. In this blog post, we will delve into the specifics of the Stockport Grammar 11+ entrance exam, including exam format, guidance on preparation, school fees, and how our comprehensive learning resources can equip your child for success.


Overview of Stockport Grammar School 11+ Entrance Exam

In order to assess a candidate's suitability for entry into Year 7, Stockport Grammar School administers a comprehensive 11+ entrance examination consisting of three papers: English, Mathematics, and Verbal Reasoning[2]. The exam typically takes place in January during the candidate's final year of primary school. It should be noted that in addition to the entrance exam, candidates may also be required to attend an interview, and a positive report from their current school might also be taken into consideration during the admissions process[3].


Understanding the 11+ Exam Format

The format of the Stockport Grammar School 11+ entrance examination is as follows:

  1. English (60 minutes): This paper comprises comprehension and creative writing sections. Candidates will be assessed on their ability to understand a passage, answer multiple-choice comprehension questions, and compose a written response based on a provided image or opening line[4].
  2. Mathematics (60 minutes): With a scope confined to Key Stage 2 of the national curriculum, this paper assesses a candidate's problem-solving abilities and arithmetic skills. Questions may draw on topics such as number, measurement, geometry, algebra, and statistics.
  3. Verbal Reasoning (30 minutes): Designed to test logical thinking, language proficiency, and vocabulary, this paper features tasks based on provided passages and general knowledge questions.


Understanding Stockport Grammar School Fees Structure for Academic Year 2023 and Beyond

Choosing the right educational institution for your child also means considering the financial investment associated with attending such an esteemed establishment like Stockport Grammar School. As a fee-paying independent school, Stockport Grammar has a well-defined fees structure for various academic levels, including Senior School (Years 7-13), Sixth Form, and Junior School. In this section, we will provide an overview of the Stockport Grammar School fees for 2023 and discuss how they compare to other establishments in the region.

The Stockport Grammar School fees for 2023 can be found on their website, providing a comprehensive breakdown of costs associated with each academic level. It's important to note that fees may vary from year to year, so it's crucial for parents to stay informed about potential changes in the fees structure. 

In general, Stockport Grammar School fees for Sixth Form and Senior School are closely aligned with fees at other top independent schools in the area. As such, parents are encouraged to factor in these expenses when choosing a school for their child. Similarly, Stockport Grammar Junior School fees are consistent with those of other reputable independent junior schools in the region. This ensures that students at every level receive the same high-quality education and can continue seamlessly from one stage of their academic journey to the next.

While Stockport Grammar is indeed a fee-paying school, it does offer various financial assistance options for families in need. Scholarships and bursaries are available to provide support with tuition fees, ensuring that families have access to the exceptional education offered by Stockport Grammar School, regardless of their financial circumstances.

In terms of its position within the educational community, Stockport Grammar School's ranking consistently places it among the top schools within the region and the country. This strong reputation for academic excellence, a wide range of extracurricular activities, and a supportive learning environment makes the investment in the school fees worthwhile for many families.

Understanding the Stockport Grammar School fees for 2023 and how they compare to other institutions is a critical component of the decision-making process for parents. By researching and planning for these expenses, along with the potential financial assistance options, families can ensure that their children receive the highest quality of education available at Stockport Grammar School. [5]


Recommended Learning Resources and Practice Papers for Success

To achieve the best possible results in the Stockport Grammar School 11+ entrance exam, it is crucial to begin preparations well in advance and make use of appropriate learning resources. Our recommended comprehensive and subject-specific 11+ practice papers, designed specifically for Stockport Grammar School entrance exams, can help your child become familiar with the types of questions they may face on exam day.

1. 11+ English Comprehension Books: Our multiple-choice comprehension books are an ideal resource for helping to hone your child's comprehension skills in preparation for Stockport Grammar’s 11+ English paper. By practicing regularly with these tailored resources, your child will be better equipped to excel in the English paper. 

2. 11+ Creative Writing Book: Our expertly designed creative writing book is perfect for helping students prepare for the creative writing element of the Stockport Grammar 11+ English paper. This valuable resource provides guidance on crafting unique, compelling stories, descriptions, and character portrayals, enabling your child to excel in this critical aspect of the exam. 

3. 11+ Maths Books: Our range of expertly designed 11+ maths books contains content that aligns seamlessly with the skills and topics your child need s to confidently tackle the Stockport Grammar 11+ maths exam. 


Tips for Effective Preparation and Study

  1. Begin early: To ensure success, begin the 11+ exam preparation process early enough to identify potential gaps in knowledge and allow ample time for remedial action.
  2. Create a study plan: Develop a structured revision plan that covers all exam subjects while providing adequate downtime to maintain a balance.
  3. Regular practice with past papers: Make use of our recommended Stockport Grammar School specific practice papers to familiarize your child with the exam format and question types.
  4. Encourage reading: Encourage your child to read both fiction and non-fiction materials to aid in the development of their comprehension and vocabulary skills.
  5. Monitor progress: Regularly assess your child’s improvement and adjust your study plans accordingly to optimize learning and boost their confidence.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, it is essential to cultivate a positive attitude and instill a sense of confidence in your child as they prepare for the Stockport Grammar School 11+ entrance exam. While competition can be stiff, investing in the right resources and making use of tailored learning materials, such as our expertly designed 11+ practice papers and creative writing book, can significantly boost their chances of securing a place at this highly regarded institution. Good luck to your child on their journey towards success!



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