7+ Comprehension, Westminster Cathedral Choir School: Practice Papers & In-Depth Guided Answers - Volume 2

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Searching for the ultimate study guide for the Westminster Cathedral Choir School 7+ entrance exams?

Accolade Press has got you covered. This comprehensive study resource - the second in the series - is meticulously designed to reflect the unique exam style of this renowned institution, providing your child with the perfect preparation tool for success.

Key Features:

  • Four tailored comprehension papers, echoing the distinct Westminster Cathedral Choir School's exam style. These papers are specifically crafted to ensure a thorough preparation for 7+ exams in the years 2023, 2024, and 2025.
  • Accolade Press offers the necessary tools and strategies for achieving top marks in the competitive setting of Westminster Cathedral Choir School's 7+ exams. Our resource facilitates students to master and emulate high-scoring techniques and tactics.
  • A diverse selection of extracts to ensure a broad range of skills are examined.
  • Each question comes with comprehensive model answers, frequently complemented by alternative solutions. These illustrate the various approaches that students can employ to score high marks.
  • Detailed explanations accompany every model answer, shedding light on how these responses meet the examiners' expectations and guiding students through complex concepts and vocabulary found in the answers.


This invaluable study guide is authored by an experienced tutor with an exceptional history of success in 7+ admissions. Equip your child with the essential tools for success with Accolade Press's study guide for the Westminster Cathedral Choir School 7+ entrance exams.


Sample Extract:

Paper One

Read the short story below and answer the questions that follow.


In the quaint little village of Muddleberry, there was a farm on the outskirts, a farm full of peppy farm animals bustling about with their daily activities. Amongst these animals were Tilda, the eccentric turkey, and Murdock, the shy and introverted mouse. The two had developed an unusual friendship, bound by their shared desire to be free from the confinements of the farm.

One day, when the sun was hiding behind a cluster of clouds, Tilda whispered to Murdock, "I've got a plan so zany, so daring, it just might work!"

Murdock perked his ears, "Really? What is it?"

Tilda's eyes gleamed with excitement, "You see that barn over there? It's full of the farmer's prized pumpkins. I overheard him telling the farmhand that he will be driving them up to the Pumpkin Festival in Bigsbyville tomorrow. That's our ticket to freedom!"

Murdock gulped, he had never travelled further than the edge of the cornfield. "So what's the plan then?" he inquired timidly.

"We'll hide inside the largest pumpkin and be chauffeured right out of the farm by the unsuspecting farmer!" Tilda exclaimed with a triumphant flap of her wings.

That night, under the safety of the moon's watchful gaze, Tilda and Murdock snuck into the barn. There, they found the most gargantuan gourd they had ever laid their eyes upon. Murdock carefully gnawed a hole big enough for both of them to fit in and they settled in for their exciting escape journey.

When the sun rose the following morning, the farmer and his farmhand began to load the pumpkins onto the wagon. Their muscles strained under the weight of the particularly large pumpkin containing Tilda and Murdock. Unaware of their stowaways underneath, they set off.

Extract from 'Escaping Muddleberry Farm' by Benjamin Rockbottom.




1. What types of animals are Tilda and Murdock, and where do they live? [2]

2. What is the aim of Tilda's plan? [1]

3. How would you interpret the phrase 'a farm full of peppy farm animals bustling about'? [2]

4. Why is Murdock scared about the plan? [2]

5. How do Tilda and Murdock's personalities differ? [3]

6. What does Murdock do in order to prepare the pumpkin for their escape? [2]

7. What event is the farmer taking his pumpkins to? [2]

8. How do Tilda and Murdock get inside the pumpkin? [1]

9. The shy, introverted mouse agreed to embark on an adventure with the eccentric turkey. Would you have agreed to join them if you were also in their position? Why/Why not? [3]

10. Based on the passage, can you describe the friendship Tilda and Murdock have? Please provide examples to support your answer. [15]


Model Answers & Guidance


1. What types of animals are Tilda and Murdock, and where do they live?[2]

Tilda is a turkey and Murdock is a mouse. They live on a farm in the village of Muddleberry.

* * *

One mark is for identifying Tilda as a turkey and Murdock as a mouse; another is for mentioning they live in a farm in Muddleberry. [retrieval]


2. What is the aim of Tilda's plan? [1]

The aim of Tilda's plan is to escape from the farm and find freedom.

* * *

To get the mark, the candidate must correctly mention that Tilda's plan is focused on escaping the farm and finding freedom. [retrieval]


3. How would you interpret the phrase 'a farm full of peppy farm animals bustling about'? [2]

The phrase suggests that the farm is filled with energetic and lively animals that are always busy and active.

* * *

One mark is for explaining that 'peppy' suggests the animals are energetic and lively, and the other mark is for mentioning that 'bustling about' implies they are always busy and active. [vocabulary and reasoning]

End of Sample

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