7+ Comprehension, Westminster Cathedral Choir School: Practice Papers & In-Depth Guided Answers

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Searching for the ultimate study guide for the Westminster Cathedral Choir School 7+ entrance exams? Accolade Press has got you covered. This comprehensive study resource is meticulously designed to reflect the unique exam style of this renowned institution, providing your child with the perfect preparation tool for success.

Key Features:

  • Four tailored comprehension papers, echoing the distinct Westminster Cathedral Choir School's exam style. These papers are specifically crafted to ensure a thorough preparation for 7+ exams in the years 2022, 2023, 2024, and 2025.
  • Accolade Press offers the necessary tools and strategies for achieving top marks in the competitive setting of Westminster Cathedral Choir School's 7+ exams. Our resource facilitates students to master and emulate high-scoring techniques and tactics.
  • A diverse selection of extracts to ensure a broad range of skills are examined.
  • Each question comes with comprehensive model answers, frequently complemented by alternative solutions. These illustrate the various approaches that students can employ to score high marks.
  • Detailed explanations accompany every model answer, shedding light on how these responses meet the examiners' expectations and guiding students through complex concepts and vocabulary found in the answers.

This invaluable study guide is authored by an experienced tutor with an exceptional history of success in 7+ admissions. Equip your child with the essential tools for success with Accolade Press's study guide for the Westminster Cathedral Choir School 7+ entrance exams.





Sample Extract:

Paper One



Read the short story below and answer the questions that follow.




The village sat in the shadow of the great coal mine, where Oliver, just eighteen years young, was deemed fit to begin his work. Oliver watched in awe as the machinery roared with power, like a monster coming to life.


"I'll be keeping an eye on you, lad!" bellowed Mine Supervisor Mr. Jarvis, his cheeks as red as ripe cherries. His gaze was fierce, but Oliver knew it hid a softer side.


Stepping into the underground labyrinth, Oliver encountered the other miners, all with coal-covered faces and smiling eyes. They welcomed Oliver with open arms and taught him their secrets to efficient coal mining.


"Never dig too fast, Oliver!" advised the grey-haired Jack, the eldest miner. "You'll need to pace yourself or you'll wear out by lunch."


"I may be new, but I'll try my best," said Oliver, feeling a little overwhelmed."You've all been so kind to me."


Oliver worked hard, paying attention to the advice of the veteran miners. He began to feel more confident in his abilities, and Mr. Jarvis's watchful eye became less threatening.


One day, as the workers descended into the deep, dark abyss, a nervous silence enveloped them. Halfway through their shift, an earth-shattering rumble ricocheted through the mine. The miners panicked and scrambled for safety.


Mr. Jarvis, always prepared, marshaled them to the exit, shouting orders through the chaos. "We must leave now! Follow me, and stay together!"


Terrified, Oliver sought comfort in the familiarity of the mine's darkness. Amidst the commotion, Mr. Jarvis noticed Oliver trembling behind a timber support.


"Come now, Oliver!" bellowed Mr. Jarvis, his voice echoing through the mine. "I promised your father I'd look after you, and I intend to keep that promise."


With a profound trust in his supervisor, Oliver stepped out from behind the timber and followed Mr. Jarvis up the twisting path. Though the deafening sound of the mine's collapse threatened to drown them, they emerged safely into daylight. Looking back at the ruined entrance, Oliver said, "I wouldn't have made it without you, Mr. Jarvis. Thank you."



Extract from ‘Oliver's Underground Adventure’ by Horace Danvers.





1. How old is Oliver and who is the Mine Supervisor? [2]


2. What is the miners’ advice to Oliver about digging? [1]


3. What do you think the phrase ‘the machinery roared with power, like a monster coming to life’ means? [2]


4. Who is the oldest miner that works at the mine, and what colour hair does he have? [2]


5. How do Oliver’s feelings change as he spends more time in the mine? [3]


6. While the catastrophe was unfolding, what did Oliver seek to take comfort from, and where did he hide? [2]


7. What promise does Mr. Jarvis intend to keep concerning Oliver? [2]


8. What emotion does Oliver feel looking back at the ruined entrance? [1]


9. Oliver states that he "wouldn't have made it without" Mr. Jarvis. Do you agree or disagree with his statement? Why? [3]


10. Based on the extract, what type of person is Mr. Jarvis? Use specific examples from the text to support your answer. [15]


End of Sample

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