13+ Comprehension: Winchester College, Prose Practice Papers & In-Depth Guided Answers: Volume 3

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Are you seeking the perfect exam preparation material for Winchester College's 13+ entrance exams?

This essential resource includes four bespoke comprehension papers designed to mirror the school's unique exam style. Accompanied by model answers and thorough explanations, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the skills necessary to excel in these critical assessments.

Accolade Press equips students with the tools and strategies required to secure top marks in the competitive environment of Winchester College's 13+ exams. Accolade Press ensures students have every tool at their disposal to emulate these point-scoring techniques and tactics.

  • Four comprehension papers crafted to reflect the distinctive style of Winchester College, ensuring thorough preparation for exams in 2023, 2024, and 2025.
  • A diverse range of extracts to ensure a range of skills are tested.
  • Comprehensive model answers provided for every question, frequently accompanied by alternative solutions to illustrate how students can achieve high marks through various approaches.
  • Detailed explanations accompany each model answer, not only clarifying how the responses fulfil examiners' expectations but also guiding students through complex concepts and vocabulary found in the answers.
  • Authored by a skilled tutor with an exceptional history of success in 13+ admissions.

Sample Extract:

Paper One

In this near-future science fiction story, a bus driver named Bernard is on his regular shift when he suddenly encounters a bizarre situation where every passenger boarding his bus appears to be the same person.

* * *

The Digital Municipal Transport bus zoomed past the familiar rows of buildings lining the congested city streets. The automatic door slid open, admitting a new passenger. Bernard, the bus driver, stared at the approaching figure. He could have sworn he had seen that face before – several times since his shift started, in fact. He checked the time displayed on the dashboard, reassuring himself that his medication was functioning properly.

"Morning, Bernard," the man said, cheerfully flashing his transport card before taking a seat.

"Uh, morning... Joe?" Bernard hesitantly replied, though he knew the odds were correct - the man did bear an uncanny resemblance to Joe, his neighbor who had boarded the bus just 15 minutes ago. The doors closed and the bus continued on its scheduled route, as Bernard's confusion continued to mount.

At the next stop, the doors opened again, revealing a strikingly similar figure waiting to board - this time, a woman. She swiped the card and greeted Bernard warmly. "Good morning, Bernard. Running on time today, I see."

The same cheekbones, the same eyes, the same everything. Lost for words,

Bernard managed a nervous chuckle as he forced a reply, "M-morning, Miss."

With growing unease, he watched as she walked to the back of the bus, her movements just as familiar as her appearance, taking her seat near the prior passengers - all uncomfortably reminiscent of the same person.

What followed made Bernard question his own faculties. Passengers continued to board the bus, yet each one seemed to be mere variations on the original person he had encountered just half an hour ago. Anxiety gnawed at his core as he guided the bus through its route, clockwork precision the only semblance of normalcy amidst the mind-boggling scene unfolding within the confines of the vehicle.

At the final stop, the last passenger to board broke the eerie spell; to Bernard's immense relief, he was entirely unrecognizable. The man carried the confident air of an enigmatic traveler, with a vague smile that suggested he knew something no one else did. He paid with a wink and took a seat, making it a point to sit far from the others.

Despite his relief, Bernard's heart continued to race. He glanced nervously at the rearview mirror, right into the eyes of the mysterious passenger. The stranger's smile persisted, alongside a knowing nod. Bernard's pulse quickened even more.

Suddenly, the dashboard lit up, startling Bernard. A prerecorded message crackled through the speakers, "Attention passengers, we are experiencing slight technical difficulties. Please remain calm while we resolve the issue."

As the message played on in a loop, Bernard's peculiar passengers began convulsing on the spot. The bus pulled to a stop, brakes screeching in a cacophony of chaos; Bernard opened the door in panic.

Just then, the enigmatic stranger rose from his seat, unfazed by the pandemonium engulfing the bus. He strode towards the front, eyes never leaving Bernard, and stopped before the open door.

"Your reality has become distorted," the stranger confided in a hushed tone before stepping out into the chaotic world. "But I can still save you."

Bernard swallowed hard, fear and fascination intertwining. Should he trust this stranger? The world outside was growing darker, the faces of Joe and the others rapidly interchanging. In a surge of dread, Bernard stepped out of his long-held comfort zone and into the unknown.

With a grin, the stranger extended a hand, "Welcome to the other side, Bernard. You're in good company now."

Extract from 'The Fractured Voyage' by Hadley St. Clair




1. How many times had Bernard seen a passenger that looked like Joe before the story began? [1]

2. What repeated, unusual experience causes Bernard to become increasingly confused and anxious during his shift? [1]

3. What do the following words mean in the context of their appearance in the extract:

a) Congested [2]
b) Precision [2] 
c) Enigmatic [2] 
d) Pandemonium [2] 

4. The author writes, "Anxiety gnawed at his core as he guided the bus through its route." What impact does this use of personification have on the reader? [3]

5. Find an example of onomatopoeia that the author uses in the extract. [2]

6. "Your reality has become distorted," the stranger tells Bernard. Why do you think the author included the strange occurrences on the bus, and how do they build tension in the story? Use evidence to support your answer. [5]

7. Using quotations from the extract, discuss how the author uses language to create a vivid picture of the tense and eerie atmosphere throughout the story. Avoid quoting from your answer to question 6. [10]

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